Welcome to the SharkFriends
Adopt a Guardian AngelShark Center!

By adopting a guardian angelshark and linking the image back to SharkFriends Homepage you will help promote conservation awareness for our oceans and the animals that live in them!


Guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes! Here you can adopt your very own Guardian AngelShark! Please DO NOT link directly to any of the images on this page. To adopt one of these sharks just right click on the Guardian AngelShark you would like, choose "save image as", then download the image to your webpage! Thanks!

These images are not available by mail.
They are ONLY available by downloading from this page.

Please be sure that when you download a Guardian AngelShark onto your webpage that you provide a link back to SharkFriends Homepage so that others will know where to adopt their very own Guardian AngelShark too! :)

Permission is given to use these images for FREE, but ONLY for personal, non-commercial usage. Please give credit for and link images to SharkFriends Homepage. Thanks! (Copyright 2002)

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