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Teachers, welcome to the Information Page! The Teacher's Lounge area of SharkFriends was created with just you and your students in mind. Each link within this area is designed to provide you with a fun and interactive way to work with your students in the hope that they will come away with a greater knowledge of marine animals.

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  • Teachers Information Page: This page outlines the Teacher's Lounge Area of this site.
  • Shark Information Investigation: In this activity, your class will collect information from several different shark sources and then evaluate their findings to see which of these sources is most credible.
  • Shark Debate Assignment: The shark debate is designed to educate your students about sharks, shark conservation, debate, and research. Also helps to practice healthy "discussion" rather than arguments.
  • Shark Research Project: A sheet that teachers can print for their students so that they can do a research study of an individual shark species. A great class assignment!
  • Shark Diagrams: These diagrams come directly from the Shark Classroom and allows your students to label the diagrams to help them retain what they have learned.
  • Virtual Shark Dive: A fun dive escorted by our diving lizard, Herman. Fun for younger kids.
  • Marine Life Library: A huge card catalog of different sea creatures with pictures and information about each.
  • The Swim-In Theatre: Short "films" that kids can watch online.
  • Careers in Marine Biology: Links to sites that give info on careers in marine related biological sciences.
  • Shark Puzzle: A fun puzzle kids can do right online with a fun "prize" if they complete it.
  • Shark Word Search: A fun word search for kids. Just print and enjoy!
  • Super Shark Book: A book that you can print and your students can color and assemble.
  • Word Scramble: A fun word scramble that provides shark related words used throughout the SharkFriends website.
  • Shark Maze: A fun maze for kids that also reminds them of the need for shark conservation.
  • Adopt a Guardian Angel Shark: Fun images kids can download or print to show their support of sharks.
  • Crossword: A fun, shark-themed crossword puzzle for kids.
  • The Sharkopedia: A shark encyclopedia listing literally hundreds of shark species.


SharkFriends hopes that these pages will help you teach your students about the fabulous world of marine animals! Should you desire to contact us about any classroom related questions, ideas, or comments, please feel free to email us by clicking the email link below...

SharkFriends also provides the "Sharks in the Classroom" program to schools in NY, NJ, CT and PA, USA. If you're a teacher and would like us to visit your class, please email us with your name, school name, location and contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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