SharkFriends Swim-in Theatre

Welcome to SharkFriends Swim-In Theatre!

You probably have heard of a "drive-in" theatre, but SharkFriends Theatre is a little different since we are presenting films from under the sea... hence the name "swim-in" theatre!
Please note that to view these videos you will need Quicktime.


Reef Shark Video: This short video clip shows a beautiful reef shark swimming by the camera.

Manta Ray Video: Presents the beautiful and eloquent manta ray gliding thru the ocean.

Moray Eel Video: This video clip shows a moray eel up close and personal.

Northern Right Whale Video: This CNN Interactive video shows the endangered northern right whale.

Sea Turtle Video: A graceful sea turtle swims along as we follow.

Guitar Shark Video: See a very unusual and rarely seen member of the shark family.

Dolphin Video: Watch as sleek, beautiful dolphins ride the waves.

Sting Ray Video: View a sting ray as it lies quietly on the ocean floor and then watch as it flies off thru the water.

Whale Shark Video: Don't miss seeing these quiet giants as they glide thru the sea.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to SharkFriends Swim-In Theatre! Swim on in anytime!
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